👾What is CBC AI ?

CBC aims to be the shazam of cannabis

The CBC AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a tool that will analyze any cannabis product label in order to identify the cannabis product. With this information, CBC AI will provide valuable insights and recommendations to users. In the future the CBC AI will suggest reviews related to the identified product and provide additional detailed information.

CBC aims to be the shazam of cannabis.

Furthermore, the CBC AI may help users locate the retailers where they may be able to purchase the product that has been identified. The model may also suggest similar products of interest. In addition to these capabilities, the CBC AI may be a central component of a complete set of recommendation and social media analytics systems.

This system will be able to analyze user behavior and preferences to provide personalized product recommendations, as well as social media analytics to help businesses better understand their audience and improve their marketing strategies. Overall, the CBC AI has the potential to help people shop and connect with products and brands.

CBC is the first AI created by the Cannabis Builders collective and owned by LBLR.

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