🤖Train to earn model

AI farming is a new concept introduced by the CBC in collaboration with LBLR

The CBC AI has been developed by the CBC community and is collectively controlled by the individuals who have contributed to its creation. Through the AI farming approach, people may actively participate in the product development.

CBC AI has amassed a huge amount of various legal cannabis products images in order to create a comprehensive database. CBC has partnered with LBLR in order to help train its AI using their gamified labeling and fine tuning services. This collaborative approach helps us constantly improve and expand our database, ensuring we can provide the most up-to-date information to our users.

Users may access the AI game and begin to label the pictures.This service allows users to label images and receive rewards in the form of CBC points and which will ultimately become LBLR governance tokens.Those CBC points will be used to determine how much you have contributed to the success of the AI model. CBC is committed to continuously updating its database of product pictures to achieve optimal outcomes, and this process will persist for as long as necessary. At the end of the proof of concept, the LBLR token will be airdropped to all participants. Revenues made from the service provided by this collective will be held by the LBLR treasury.

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