💾What model CBC is using ?

Supervised learning using TensorFlow and Keras.

CBC AI employs the power of TensorFlow and Keras, two open-source libraries extensively used in the machine learning and deep learning space. Our deep learning models are constructed on these robust platforms, enabling us to tackle complex AI tasks efficiently and effectively.

As a company, we're dedicated to embracing open-source technologies. This approach not only ensures transparency and fosters community-driven innovation but also allows us complete ownership of our models. By building on TensorFlow and Keras, we can fully comprehend, tailor, and enhance our models as required. This is central to our philosophy of being self-reliant and committed to continual growth and improvement in the AI domain.

Our alignment with open-source principles and practices reaffirms our dedication to being at the forefront of AI research and development, while also fostering a collaborative ecosystem where knowledge and technology become universally accessible and beneficial.

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