🧠what is CBC ?

The Cannabis Builder Collective, or CBC, is an initiative brought to life by a diverse group of cannabis enthusiasts who are united by their passion to shape the next generation of cannabis communities. CBC has a unique membership system that relies on the ownership of a digital token, referred to as a "seed".

This seed is a non-fungible token (NFT) that acts as an emblem of the CBC. To date, a total of 120 seeds have been minted out of a proposed supply of 2,420. The minting process for these NFTs is free, ensuring accessibility for interested individuals.

Becoming a part of the CBC is achievable either by purchasing a seed on the secondary market or by securing a spot on the whitelist via a form submission, which allows for minting during subsequent events.

The CBC, in collaboration with LBLR, is proud to announce its inaugural project - the CBC AI. This project is a testament to the collective's innovative spirit and has been developed by the core members of the CBC.

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